Great American Steakburgers History

On November 16, 1977 Jack & Peggy Nunn along with David & Gail Ogle opened the first Great American Land & Cattle Co. Steakhouse on  Alabama St. in Northeast El Paso.

They established a reputation for great food, fabulous service, fairness, honesty, and generosity in business and their personal lives.  Their legacy is impeccable and their lives represented the highest ideals of love, loyalty, and family.

They lived out from their hearts the concept that Walt Disney espoused, treat your employees and guests alike as family and always give them more than they expect.

The present Great American Steakburger on Mesa Hills is actually one of five several restaurant locations that were originally started by the Nunns. Sadly, Peggy & Jack have passed away, but we strive to continue to uphold the vision that they had when they created the original restaurant on Alabama Street in northeast El Paso over forty years ago.

Cris and Theresa Green own and operate this location, In Fact, Cris started working for the Nunns at the original location in its very first year of operation in 1978 as a busboy, learning the trade from the ground up.

He considered Jack & Peggy as a second set of parents to him and continued working for them managing their stores for several years after purchasing this location in 2002.

Suffice it to say, we are all greatly indebted to and appreciative of the Nunn’s for their tutelage and generosity.

The management team of the Great American Steakburger on Mesa Hills include: Victor Aguilar, Audrie Kennedy, Barbara Wilson, Ampi Gonzales, Martha Acosta, Nicolas Aguilar and Poncho Sierra.  Our Meat Cutter is Cesar Soto.

In 1985, along with Cris Green, who had started working at the original Alabama street location in 1978 and quickly became part of the family, opened their first Great American Steakburger at 2220 N. Yarbrough Dr. in a small A-Frame building.

This concept was an effort to utilize all the steak trimmings generated from cutting their own steaks by turning them into “steakburgers.”  This location was an overnight success so in 1986 they tore the building down and custom built a new store which has been a grand success ever since.

Upon Peggy’s death in 2006, David and his son, Wayne Ogle, took over complete ownership and operations of this location.